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By simulating an environment riddled with complex challenges, we put your talents’ leadership competence to the test. Our Development Centers generate comprehensive and in-depth feedback reports that give the participants insight into their strengths and areas of improvement. Follow-up coaching sessions help participants implement the feedback they receive and create a developmental roadmap for themselves.

Continuing development after a Development Center

Based on the results of a Development Center, each participant can create an individual development plan together with HR, a coach, or their line manager. These development plans provide a solid basis for coaching and assignment planning. atrain also facilitates continuous monitoring of your talents’ development progress so as to guarantee real value is generated from your investment.

Unique characteristics of atrain’s Development Center

We believe that your company values and core competencies should be mirrored in your talent profile. We tailor our solutions to your specific needs by selecting the relevant competencies to measure, and choosing the best-fit exercises from a wide spectrum of alternatives, ranging from case studies and role-plays, to online tests and computer simulations, together with you.

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Benefits for the Organization

  • Analysis of talent bench-strength, surfacing of gaps and collective development needs
  • Alignment and development of Senior Leaders with regard to observing, assessing and providing feedback based on the Leadership Competency Framework
  • Creation of a culture of organizational learning

Identification of development needs, improved leadership performance

Benefits for the Individual

  • Analysis of strengths, areas of development and potential of people in the talent pool
  • Empowerment of High Potentials to actively drive their own development
  • Communication of clear expectations towards future leaders

Engagement , retention and accelerated development