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We support you in defining your own talent management strategy. It is important for us to take your current situation and tools as well as future business and leadership challenges into account when jointly creating your strategy. Please refer to the below steps as a first reference of how we can support you in terms of creating and implementing a Talent Management Strategy.

1 - The Foundation

Defining the Talent Management Strategy includes asking questions like: Where will the business be in 5-10 years? What kind of people will we need then, to take over key positions in the organization? How will we find and develop the right people for taking over these roles?

2 - Nomination & Talent Review

Managers (with the support of HR) nominate those employees, that have not only shown good performance in the past, but who also demonstrate the potential and willingness to grow and develop. During the Talent Review, several managers discuss the nominees and challenge each other’s nominations based on defined and relevant competencies, thereby ensuring a high quality of the selection of High Potentials for the talent pool.

3 - Development Center

A Development Center can serve as one data point to assess your high potentials with regard to their strengths and areas of improvement (related to a bigger role). The Development Center simulates realistic leadership challenges aligned with the business strategy, in which the participants will be measured against the demands of one or several of the key roles in the company. There will be open communication about the goals, content and outcome of the Development Center to ensure a maximum of transparency. Senior Management and HR are involved during the design, the delivery of the Development Center (as observers) and during the follow-up process. Please see more details here.

4 - Follow up Development

The participants are expected to create and implement a development plan following the Development Center. Additional development measures can be added, e.g. personal coaching, specific training modules or working groups – all tailored to the development needs of the talents. Please also refer to our service “build skills” for more information.

5 - Sucession Planning

There are no career-guarantees, the talents know that their success to take on higher positions depends on their ability to understand and develop in line with the expectations in the key roles. A successful tool to assess the readiness of a person is a tailored Assessment Center. Please click here for more information on Assessment Centers.

6 - Ongoing change management

To ensure the strategy and program are accepted and supported across the organization, workshops with key stakeholders as well as ongoing communication about the why, what and how of the strategy are recommended.

7 - Ongoing Evaluation

As part of an elaborate talent analytics approach, data can be used to ensure continuous evaluation and potential modification of the program.

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